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Meet the team


The NTRO team consists of a team of highly skilled allied health professionals:

  • Radiation Oncologists – specialist doctors who prescribe and co ordinate your radiation treatment.
  • Radiation Therapists – specially trained professionals who plan and administer radiation therapy treatment.
  • Medical Physicists – specially trained physicists whose primary care is to ensure the safe and effective delivery of radiation for treatment purposes.

Members of the multidisciplinary team at the Alan Walker Cancer Care Centre include:

  • Medical Oncologists – specialist doctors who prescribe and co-ordinate chemotherapy treatment.
  • Radiation nurses – specially trained nurses with specific skills and knowledge in caring for people throughout and following radiation therapy treatment.
  • Chemotherapy nurses
  • Dietician – provides nutritional advice for the time before, during and after treatment.
  • Social Workers – help patients and their families adjust to the practical and emotional problems that may arise as a result of having cancer and treatment.
  • Aboriginal Liaison Officers – provides a liaison service to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients and provides emotional, social and cultural support to patients and their families.

Other support services include:

  • Speech Pathologists – help to manage radiation side effects that cause difficulty with speech, voice or swallowing.
  • Occupational Therapists – help to improve or maintain performance in activities of daily living that may be affected by illness or treatment procedures.
  • Physiotherapists – help to maintain or improve movement and function that may have been affected by surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy.