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Current Projects

NTRO fully supports Continuous Professional Development (CPD) amongst staff and actively encourages participation in research and the undertaking of in-house project work.

Current areas of interest include: 

Improving outcomes in Aboriginal patients

An area of extensive study within NTRO, we currently have many initiatives aimed at improving outcomes within this demographic. These include:

  • the Aboriginal Health Professionals Clinical Experience Program in Oncology 
  • Radiotherapy Talking Book in Languages
  • analysis of patient presentation, treatment and outcome factors to identify focus areas and gauge improvement 
  • education through shared experience: an innovative ‘home video’ concept


Radiation Therapy CT Planning in Alice Springs Hospital

The project is to commission the diagnostic CT in ASH to perform the radiotherapy CT simulation thus reducing the majority of the patients’ stay in Darwin by a minimum of 2 weeks. ASH scans will be sent to AWCCC for their computerised treatment planning and physics QA while the patient is still at home in Central Australia.