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Training Initiatives

NTRO supports education and development in all aspects of cancer care. In addition to facilitating the clinical education of Specialist Registrars and Radiation Therapy students, we also undertake a number of unique training initiatives.

Clinical Education Program in Oncology (CEPO)

Our work in improving outcomes for Aboriginal patients has led to the development of the Clinical Education Program in Oncology (CEPO). CEPO is a Northern Territory Government funded initiative with the primary objective to improve Oncology treatment in the Aboriginal Community. The 5 day course is currently open to all Aboriginal Health workers, Aboriginal Liaisons, Aboriginal Interpreters and exceptional Community Health Workers from community and regional health centres throughout the Northern Territory. Details on the course content and delivery, as well as instructions for applying to participate are available via the links below.spine artwork

CEPO Overview

CEPO Application Form

CEPO Newsletter June

For further information on CEPO please contact

Sanglah Sister Program

NTRO is also actively involved in supporting the development of radiotherapy services in Bali.

sanglah pic

In November 2013 we hosted five staff members of the Sanglah General Hospital (SGH) Radiation Oncology Centre, including a Radiation Oncologist, Radiation Physicist and Radiation Technician as part of the Sanglah Sister Program.

During their two week visit the Sanglah Radiation Therapy staff gained an insight into the advanced techniques and precision equipment used here at the Alan Walker Cancer Care Centre. An intense training and education program was undertaken to help develop the techniques used in Bali and provide insight into the possibilities of future departmental advances.

Training in maintenance of equipment, 3D anatomy and treatment planning as well as treatment techniques were well received by the Bali visitors and the information gathered over the fortnight will be presented on return to SGH.

The Sanglah Sister program is ongoing and NTRO, along with Royal Darwin Hospital, endeavours to offer continued support and training to the departmental staff.