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nurses faqsPlease contact us if you have any specific questions regarding your treatment at NTRO. Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions, however, the information given here does not replace the advice of your doctor.


  • Will I be radioactive?

You will not be radioactive during and after external beam radiotherapy treatment.  You can safely mix with other people, including children and with pregnant women, at any time during and after your treatment.

  • Will I lose my hair?

You will not lose the hair on your head unless it is in the treatment area. You may lose some body hair within the treatment field and this can begin to happen during or after treatment.

  • Can I drive during treatment?

In general, most patients will be well enough to drive whilst they are receiving radiotherapy. If you are receiving treatment to your brain, you are advised NOT to drive as your condition and the treatment may interfere with your driving ability.

  • Can I have a flu or tetanus vaccination?

It is safe to receive these vaccinations and others like these during your treatment.

  • Will treatment affect my sex life?

The desire to have sex may decrease because you may become tired, anxious or unwell during treatment. It may help to discuss your concerns with your partner and/or your radiation oncologist or nurse.

  • Do I still need to use contraception?

Yes, it is still possible to fall pregnant while you are having treatment. Pregnancy should be avoided as radiation can have a harmful effect on an unborn baby. Talk to your doctor about suitable contraception methods. Men are to avoid fathering a child for a minimum of 6 months

  • Should I be on a special diet while having treatment?

It is recommended that you enjoy a balanced diet while you are on treatment and drink plenty of fluids. The dietitian can offer advice on what to eat and help you with meal plans. If you have any questions about your diet, please ask to see a dietitian.

  • What does the x-ray taken during treatment tell me?

The x-ray images that the radiation therapists take during your treatments are used to confirm that you are in the correct position for your treatment. These x-rays can not be used to tell if your tumour is responding to the radiation treatment.

  • Is it safe to take vitamin tablets and herbal medicines?

Before starting any medications, including prescription, over the counter medicines, vitamins and alternative, natural or herbal medicines, tell your doctor, radiation therapist or nurse. Some medicines can interact with your treatment.

  • How do you know if the treatment is successful?

It may not be possible to know if your treatment has been successful immediately. Your doctor will see you after treatment is completed and will discuss your progress.

  • What is the follow-up process?

Once you have finished your treatment, you doctor will advise you about what other appointments are needed.