Care Oriented 
Treatment Techniques

Redefining Cancer Care

Highly Experienced

Our treatments are delivered by a team of highly-trained professionals who care about your health, and we strive to create a comfortable environment where you can feel at ease. Our treatments are designed with you in mind, so they’re more than just a series of steps.

Advanced Treatments

We’ve always believed that there’s more to medicine than just treating symptoms. We believe in taking a holistic approach and delivering innovative treatments that work with your body to restore health and balance.

Care with Compassion

The way we approach our treatments is a reflection of the way we approach life. It’s not just about ensuring you get the care you need but also about delivering it in a compassionate, friendly manner.

Who We Are

Caring for Territorians

NTRO opened in 2010 with the vision of providing patient-centred, high quality cancer care to people in the NT. We are committed to improving health outcomes with culturally appropriate care, tailored to the needs of our patients.

Putting You First

We empower patients as partners in the treatment process. We partner with patients and their families as they live through and beyond cancer treatment. We believe every patient deserves to be heard, understood and supported throughout their experience. We help you get the information you need to make informed decisions about your health care. Our team of cancer experts has decades of experience working with patients and families facing a life-changing diagnosis. We work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs, provides relief from symptoms, improves your quality of life and gives you hope for the future.